About our Church


The church was founded in 1892 by German Americans,
our church has provided spiritual inspiration to Northern
Kentuckians and Greater Cincinnatians for over a  century.
Based upon the historical Congregational principles of respect
for the individual and governmental autonomy, St. John's
is a church which welcomes those who believe in the
fundamental Congregational covenant, "Where two or three
are gathered in His name, God is in the midst of them."
Congregationalists are a covenant people,
 and St. John's is a people's church.

The interior of our church
The members and council of St. John's Congregational Church
are happy to welcome you as a visitor, and we gladly invite
you to explore the many attributes our church has to offer:



The business affairs of the church
are handled by a ten person

church council, elected in December
by the congregation for a
  one year  term.
  The council in turn elects a President,
 Vice President and Secretary.

 A treasurer is appointed by the congregation.  
The council abides by a Church Constitution,
most recently revised in 1995.

All major policy and business decisions are subjected
to final approval by the congregation at large.


St. John's benefits from the good works
of a number of organizations,

which are headed by devoted church members. 
Such groups include

Adult  Bible  Class
Jim Tibbs, Teacher
Ron Einhaus, Assistant

Youth  Bible  Study
during Worship Services
Church Choir
 directed by Thomas Franklin;

 Mel Hoffman Scholarship Fund,

which awards annual scholarships
to promising students.

Flo Lowry Sunshine Committee
Sends greetings to
someone who needs a pick-me-up.

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