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Ron Einhaus

Ron Einhaus is a freelance fotographer who captures
his images in a digital format. Ron shoots with
Minolta Digital Cameras and all images are printed
on Epson Photo 2200 printer  with
Epson  Photo Papers.

The images you view on this website
are in website file size and are available
at full file size for display and framing and
can be purchased on the enclosed order form.

(click to print)

Foto Images
Print  Prices
Premium  Glossy -or -  Photo  Matte
are available as
5X7  for $15 (s&h $3)
8X10  for $25 (s&h $3)
11x14  for $35 (s&h $3)
12x16  for $45 (s&h $4)
13x19  for $55 (s&h $6)

Additional Prices:

Foto shoot (on site)- $50 @ hour
Finish Images - $25 @ hour
Correct & cleanup Images - $25 @ hour
Repair Images/Photographs - $50 @ hour
Matte Images - $20 (single opening)
($10 additional opening)
Framing - $20 (plus frame cost)

You can contact Ron Einhaus at:

1253 Parkway

cell/on the road