The  Pied  Piper

Carroll  Chimes Bell  Tower

Goebel  Park

Covington,  Ky.


In this year of 1284,
the town of Hamelin, in Brunswick,
was over run by rats!


But a colorfully dressed piper
said he could rid the city of the rats.
The Mayor agreed to pay him a fee
for the task of leading the rats off.

And, so, the colorful Pied Piper
led the rats into the river.


But when he returned for his agreed reward,
the Mayor said they would not pay him.


And so on June 26th of that 1284th year,
 the colorful Pied Piper
played his tune that also
attracted the children of the town.


And led them off into the woods,
every last one of them.

Never to be seen again!

The Pied Piper of Hamelin
by Robert Browning

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Ron Einhaus