The  Tyler  Davidson  Fountain
Cincinnati    Ohio

Full of a nature

    Nothing can tame,
Changing every moment,
    Ever the same;
Ceaseless aspiring
    Ceaseless content;
Darkness or sunshine
    Thy element;
Glorious fountain,
    Let our heart be
Fresh, changeful, constant,
    Upward like thee!
At the dedication of the fountain
October 6, 1871

The fountain represents the importance of water
in the everyday lives of the citizens of
Cincinnati in the late 1800's.

A Mother leading
her son to a bath.
(East side)

A daughter helping
her father quench
his thirst.
(West Side)

A Worker with an
empty bucket looking
for water to put out
the burning roof.
(North Side)

A Farmer looking to
the heavens for a
much needed rain.
(South Side)

The Four Drinking Fountains
feature young boys contending  with animals
from whose mouths water flows.

Struggling with a Snake.

Catching Ducks.

Riding a dolphin.

Riding a Turtle.

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